Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nuncracker Spectacular

This is my cast of Nuncracker, I had so much fun doing this show.Here are some pics of it.In the show we did nutcraker and I was one of the swans. Debbie Bowmen was Sister Amnesia in the show and her character would always messup the songs.Shawn Morentson was Father Virgil and was such a cheerful character.Rebbeca Osmond was Sister Robert Ann and a cool character at that.Sister Hewbert was played by Janna Gates and her character was goofy.Kelsey Seaiver played Sister Leo and she hurt her knee in the show (not for real).and last but not least,Reverend Mother was played by Celesta Rimington and her character was...... well lets just say that she was trying to keep things running along.and all the kids were all so great.And bronwyn wrote this.